ArenaPlus: Breaking Down the Hawks' Trade for Murray

Trade Details

The Atlanta Hawks made a significant move by acquiring Dejounte Murray from the San Antonio Spurs. This trade could redefine the team's future. The Hawks received Murray and exchanged Danilo Gallinari along with multiple first-round picks to seal the deal. The transaction displayed the Hawks' commitment to bolstering their roster for better performance.

  • The Spurs received a 2023 first-round pick via the Charlotte Hornets, a 2025 and 2027 first-round pick, and a pick swap in 2026.
  • Danilo Gallinari was sent to the Spurs as part of the trade package.
  • ArenaPlus provides in-depth coverage of the trade's implications.

Dejounte Murray's Impact

Dejounte Murray has proven to be a rising star. His performance stats are impressive:

  • Averaged 21.1 points, 9.2 assists, and 8.3 rebounds per game last season.
  • Ranked among the top players for steals, demonstrating his defensive prowess.
  • Earned an All-Star selection, highlighting his elite status in the league.

Murray's inclusion will enhance the Hawks' backcourt, providing a reliable partner to Trae Young. The duo could become one of the most formidable backcourts in the league. Murray brings versatility, able to score, assist, and defend at high levels, making him an invaluable asset.

Future Implications for Hawks

The Hawks aim to strengthen their playoff prospects with this trade. Here are key future implications:

  • Increased versatility in the team's offensive and defensive setups, managing multiple play styles more effectively.
  • Bolstered defense with Murray's ability to generate steals and disrupt the opponents' gameplay.
  • Enhanced playmaking ability alongside Trae Young, creating more scoring opportunities and efficient ball movement.

This move signals the Hawks' intention to maximize their current potential while nurturing their younger core for sustained success. The synergy between Young and Murray could redefine the team's dynamics, providing a strategic advantage.

San Antonio Spurs' Perspective

The Spurs also benefit significantly from this trade. Key points include:

  • Accumulating valuable draft picks to rebuild and strategize for long-term success.
  • Flexible assets allowing them to either draft promising talent or use as trade leverage.
  • Potential cap space relief gained by moving Gallinari, which opens doors for future acquisitions.

By focusing on rebuilding, the Spurs can restructure their team for future competitiveness. The assets received from the Hawks will be instrumental in crafting their path forward.


The trade between the Atlanta Hawks and San Antonio Spurs reshapes both teams' futures. The Hawks gain an impactful player in Dejounte Murray, enhancing their ambitions for immediate success. On the other hand, the Spurs look towards a promising future by acquiring potential-laden assets. This trade exemplifies strategic planning and bold moves, positioning both teams intriguingly in the NBA landscape.

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