How to Install FM WhatsApp?

For instance, when you install FM WhatsApp, you will get access to a wide list of cool features unavailable on the normal WhatsApp application. In this post we will learn to install FMWhatsApp in a stable way, keeping all its new features working safely.

First of all, You Need to Download Latest FM WhatsApp APK in Your Device.

First, download the APK of FM WhatsApp from a trusted source. As it is not available on Google Play Store or Apple App Store you need to find a reliable download link. The website most users get their link from is the fm whatsapp website, it changes their own links regularly in order to provide their users with the latest version without any bloat.

Switch on Install from Unknown Sources

You need to enable your device to install App from unknown sources before you can install the APK.

If you are a Android user, this option can be found in: Options > Advanced settings > Security Options or something similar and then you enable the "Unsigned apks" option. It will permit the establishment of applications that are not found on the Google Play Store.

Note: because of iOS apps installing restrictions outside Apple AppStore, iPhone users are not able to install the FM WhatsApp.

Find and Install the APK

What you Download : APK File Once you have the APK, then enable the installation from an unknown source.

Find the APK file in the download folder of your device.

After that, you just need to tap on the APK file and it will start the installation process.

Follow all on-screen instructions to finish the installation.

Confirm Phone Number

Open the FM WhatsApp app after finishing up with the installation. Activating the service will be from here - you have to verify your phone number.

Type in your phone number and wait for the SMS verification code.

Type the code you received to finish verifying.

Restore Backups

In case you are switching from the official Whatsapp to FM Whatsapp, you may want to restore your chat history;

Make a backup of your chats on the internal storage before uninstalling WhatsApp from your phone.

Step 3: While setting up FM WhatsApp, he/she will be asked to restore his/her backup. Just make sure to follow the prompts to import your chats from those old one.

Security Tips

Following are the security notes for when install and using FM WhatsApp:

You should always install the APK from reliable sources to avoid Malware.

Always keep the app updated to get all new security fixes and functions.

Don't grant more app permissions than needed and expose your data privacy.

Follow these steps in detail to be able to install and experience FM WhatsApp with all-new features and customization options. For fm whatsapp latest version and safe download links you can visit the blog site mostyrapabusines.

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